Laguiole tableware

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Our Laguiole cutlery sets can create beautiful tables. This is the case for the Laguiole set  with 12 different woods: each guest has in hand different types of wood.

You can create your Laguiole cutlery set progressively over several years (we follow our products).

The Laguiole cutlery set for a dishwasher use : stainless steel handle or black Pom handle.

The Laguiole cutlery set with wooden handle or with horn handle have a good feeling of natural touch. In return, these sets of Laguiole require a manual cleaning (with a damp sponge, never soaked or passed under the tap).

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  • Coutellerie de Laguiole Honoré Durand
    ZA La Poujade - Route d'Aubrac
    12210 Laguiole

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