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Laguiole 12cm, Damascus blade "wild pattern"

1 piece, the blade in Damascus steel with a « wild pattern » (and a blade stop)

Forged bee chiseled with chisels

Spring chiseled with chisels

1 front bolster made of Damascus steel from meteorite (find in Namibia)

Handle made of fossilized mammoth teeth (stabilized) with underscale in red colour 

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The engraving includes the first name and-or the last name and-or initials. For the first name and last name, the first letter is engraved in capital letters, followed by lowercase letters. The initials are engraved in capital letters. Please check the accents.


Paying service
The engraving is made before the manufacturing of the knife. It can consist of letters and numbers. Please write us in uppercase letters (we don't engrave the accents and  the lowercase letters).
Between 1 and 6 characters included, fixed price of 35.00 euros (a letter, a number, a point ".", a space = 1 character). Add + 9.50 euros for each additional character.

Price: 1 500,00 €


More info

We can engrave your blade by a diamond engraving.
The readability of engraving on a Damascus blade is uncertain due to the pattern of the blade (Readability from medium to low)

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