The internships of manufacturing of Laguiole's knife

Tools to make a Laguiole's knife

Make his own Laguiole's knife

Put a lot into the manufacturing of a mythical product, remove an outstanding experience from it.
Feel to the everyday life the pleasure to use a knife which we built.

Laguiole Honoré Durand's cutlery industry proposes internships of cutlery industry. They allow every private individual to make oneself his knife, from the beginning to the end, helped by a professional cutler who will assist him throughout the internship. This experience, to begin or to perfect, allows to become soaked with gestures (bring a camera for memories(souvenirs)).


By whom and for whom ?

Learn with a Professional cutler


It is the confirmed Cutler who will be the "internship supervisor". It will be for you an unforgettable day.

Every person knowing how to tinker a minimum and being a little bit good with his hands. Minimum age of 15 years. For the minors, required by the presence of an adult and of a written dispensation of the parents.

Plan held adequate to work in a workshop (scrub, apron or combination and avoid pairs of shorts and open shoes). It is not dirty. Just a little dust.


Place and schedules :

map to find Honoré Durand's workshop in LaguioleSchedules : 08.30 a.m. - 12.00 and 14.00 - 17.00/17.45 p.m.
Days : tuesday, wednesday, thursday & saturday
The price does not include the meals nor the accommodation.

Place of the stage :
La Coutellerie de Laguiole
Espace Les Cayres
( at the roundabout.)
12210 Laguiole



Schedule proposed for information purposes :

Plan assembly in internship of a Laguiole's knife into the cutlery and forge Honoré Durand in Laguiole
  • Welcome by your internship supervisor 8:30 am
  • Choice of the chiseling of the bee and the spring, 8:30 am at 8:45 am
  • Chiseling in the file of the bee and the spring 8:45 am to 12:00
  • Have lunch 12:00 am at 2:00 am
  • Fitting of coast on the decks, the drilling-vissage-croix, the riveting blade and stands, 2:00 am at 4:00 am
  • Shaping on the backstand, the polishing, the sharpening, at the end of the internship, 4:10 am at 5:30-18 am 00

Insurances and discharge :

The company is insured for this kind of performance. We ask to every trainee to sign a discharge disclaiming all liability of the company in the event of an accident. It also acts as invoice of service offer of assistant to the manufacturing in our premises. However, it goes of your responsibility there for taking part in the internship.


Payment and reservations

We ask for a deposit of 30 % the reservation. The balance will be due in the morning of the internship.

Reservations: with Christophe (so absent, ask for Virginie or for Honoré). He manages the calendar and the availability of the Cutler. An internship is considered as reserved that in the reception of the check of deposit (the check is collected the day of the internship).

For the individual reservations for internships to 4 participants, your reservation is validated for one or several dates, when from moment or we received your check of deposit. If finally we were not able to create an internship to 4 participants in the dates defined sets, we send back to you your check.

We need following elements 15 days before the beginning of the internship :
- The model of Laguiole's knife which you wish to make.
You can consult our Web site to look which type of knife you would like to make. We need all the following indications:
- Size of the knife (reminder: the length expresses the size of the handle in centimeters)
- Quality of bolsters : in brass or in massive stainless steel
- Number of parts: 1 part = the only blade - 2 parts = the blade and the corkscrew
- The quality of the blade: traditional steel in the carbon (ref XC75) - Stainless steel Sandvik (ref. 12C27) - We disadvise the Damascus steel blade because of its too high cost for a first knife.
- For the quality of the handle, if you have no precise decision, you can choose on the spot the day of the internship
- We ask you to supply us names, first names and addresses of the people who will realize the internship. For the minors, we need the parental agreement written (without this one the access the internship is forbidden them, but the check of deposit concerning them is collected).


Average cost of the internship with choice of the knife: from 262.40 euros

Fitting of a part in the file

Fitting of a part in the file
during an internship

Rough-hewing of the handle in internship

Rough-hewing of the handle in internship

The price consists of 2 parts which add up :

  • A part "education" : Failed in 225.50 euros TTC a person (price with 4 trainees).
  • A part purchase of the kit (they are spare parts components your knife made in our forge).
The manufacturing makes on models including a massive forged bee with the spring.
The chiseling of the bee and the spring are realized by the trainee.


Unit price TTC

11cm 1 part, the only blade, 2 bolsters (brass or stainless steel), handle clocks of horn, massive forged bee

36€90 euros

12cm 1 part, the only blade, 2 bolsters (brass or stainless steel), handle clocks of horn, massive forged bee

43€80 euros

13 cm 1 part, the only blade, 2 bolsters (brass or stainless steel), handle clocks of horn, massive forged bee

54€30 euros

12 cm 2 parts (blade + corkscrew), 2 bolsters (brass or stainless steel) handle clocks of horn, massive forged bee

45€50 euros

13 cm 2 parts (blade + corkscrew), 2 bolsters (brass or stainless steel) handle clocks of horn, massive forged bee

57€70 euros


ATTENTION, are not possible to make during the internship :
- Too much complicated mechanism: knives 3 parts and 2 parts awl
- Important difficulties: model full handles and with 1 bolster only
- For a first approach, too expensive materials (ivory, mammoth, rare wood).

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