Choose your Laguiole folding knife

Couteau Laguiole pliantHarmony of the materials, symphony of the colours, curves and chiselling, all of those elements make each of our creations a unique work of art.

Summary: the elements you can choose

0 - the size of your Laguiole knife
1 - the number of pieces on you knife (1,2,3 pieces)
2 - the type of finishing off you desire
3 - your knife's handle
4 - customize your knife's blade and handle
5 - choice of specific knives: Laguiole Equestrian, Horseshoe knife (horseshoe shaped spring), Chauchard...
6 - the other knives in the Collection range

Choose the size of your knife (handle's size)

Example of suitable size:
- 12cm for a man,
- 11cm for a woman,
- 10cm for a children aged between 10 and 12.

Example of suitable size:
- 12cm for a man,
- 11cm for a woman,
- 10cm for a children aged between 10 and 12.

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Choose the number of pieces on your knife (1, 2, 3 pieces)

Before you purchase, it is important to choose the number of pieces you wish on your knife. This choice depends on each one and has got an impact on the aesthetic, practical and utilitarian aspect of the knife and on its final cost as well.
All the pieces variations are available in the Standard range , the Prestige range , and Collection range.

Three types of knife exist:

  • The 1 piece Laguiole knife: with the blade only.
  • The 2 pieces Laguiole knife: with the blade and the punch, or the blade and the corkscrew.
  • The 3 pieces Laguiole knife: the more complete with the blade, the punch and the corkscrew.

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Choose your knife's finishing off

Save for the Collection range Laguiole knives, La Coutellerie de Laguiole proposes two ranges of standard products :
- the Standard range.
- the Prestige range, up-market models, better finish.

The Prestige range offers a superior crafting:
- folding mechanism nicer and more precise,
- nobler and more numerous handle materials,
- most of the time massive bee and forged with the hand-chiselled spring,
- Fittting of the handles, bolsters and plates which is more precise. 

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Choose your knife's handle material

Besides the fact that people have different tastes, the choice of the handle material can be influenced by the fact that the future knife holder is careful or not.

  • The most fragile materials are horntip, horn, stag wood and bone.
  • The wood are generaly stronger.
  • Massive stainless steel or aluminium handles have an ideal resistance for people with a very untidy nature or activities such as fishing.

Wood is a natural material, so we pick the most beautiful pieces. This include wooden handle that does not fit exactly the picture - photo.

Discover the different handle materials available >

Customize your knife's blade and spring

You can choose the steel for your Laguiole knife:

Generally our Laguiole knives have a Sandvik stainless steel blade (reference number 12C27) which is currently the best one.
For the same price you can also ask for the traditional carbon steel blade which has the characteristic of becoming oxidized.
Also the new Sandvik stainless steel, reference number 14C28N
You can also ask for personalized engravings on the blade or the spring (name, firstname, initials).

The chiselling of the spring with forged massive bee is not necessarily that from the picture-photo. This is according to the inspiration of Cutler and there is about 8 different chiselling.

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Specific knives: Equestrian, horseshoe shaped...

Other specific Laguiole knives are available:

  • The Excursion Laguiole knife
  • The Pipe Tool Laguiole knife
  • The horseshoe Laguiole knife
  • The Equestrian Laguiole knife
  • The Antique Laguiole knife
  • The Petanque Laguiole knife
  • The Hunting Laguiole knife
  • The Laguiole Wine Openers

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Collection knives: other options.

  • Massive bees with specific patterns (from 64 euros upwars).
  • Specific pattern spring chiselling made with a file or a burin.
  • Specific pattern blade chiselling made with a file or a burin.
  • Damascus steel blade with the damascus pattern you wish (from 166 euros upwards).
  • Guilloched double plates (from 62 euros upwards).
  • Damascus steel bolsters handmade and handfitted.
  • Full handle Damascus blade, 1 or 2 bolsters.
  • Scrimshaw handle or needle engraving.

Ask for an estimate for your custom-made "collection knife" >

Those knives are made on demand after the estimate has been agreed. They are unique and they cannot be sold on-line.

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