Folding knives: what handle material to choose ?


Besides the fact that people have different tastes, the choice of the handle material can be influenced by the fact that the future knife holder is careful or not.

  • The most fragile materials are horntip, horn, stag wood and bone.
  • The wood are generaly stronger.
  • Massive stainless steel or aluminium handles have an ideal resistance for people with a very untidy nature or activities such as fishing.
Horn and wood are natural materials presenting lot of shades.
Those shades are beautiful and one handle is unique.

Horn and stag horn handles

Horn tip
(Prestige range only)
  Pressed horn
(Standard range only)
  Stag horn
Be careful, this natural handle is not symmetrical.


The more widespread wood handles


Purplewood   Rosewood   Boxwood

Juniper   Olive wood   Snakewood

Ebony   Pistachio wood   Green oak


Other materials

Blue stabilized wood   Marble wood
  Palm tree

Bulnesia (south american ironwood family)   Wild pear tree   Plum tree


walnut tree   Heather   Broom

  Vinestock wood

 Elm burl
eVinestock wood   eChestnut   eElm burl

  Rio Rosewood
  Black Paperstone
eMulberry   aRio Rosewood   aBlack Paperstone

  European birch
  Black locust
  Oak from barrels
eEuropean birch   eBlack locust   eOak from barrels

  Apple tree
  Tuya burl
  Cow bone
eApple tree   eTuya burl   eCow bone
This material is to thin to make curved handles.

 Almond tree
eAlmond tree        

Other materials are available in the Collection range, please contact us for more details.

Important: being made of natural materials, the knives handle we deliver can be different in pattern and colour to the ones on the photographs.



The elephant ivory

eElephant ivory        

The elephant ivory is noble material. The use of this material is highly regulated to cope with the disappearance of elephants. France has signed agreements for the protection of protected species (Washington Convention or CITES).

Therefore, we work with a regulated ivory elephant:

  • we must ask approval from the environmental services of our administration of Aveyron area. Such authorization must be renewed regularly,
  • we register entries and exits of elephant ivory,
  • we buy the ivory with its certificate of registration issued by the administration (ie strict CITES guidelines and French legislation).



Environmentally friendly handles (only Prestige range)

eMorta   ePaperstone    

Origin and location of Morta

Second marsh in France after Camargue, Briere is in the Loire Atlantique on the peninsula of Guérande. It is in this marsh that found Morta.
Highly mineralized, the dead wood is a fossil. Hard and very dark, it is difficult to work. The wood is dense and loaded with silica.
5000 years ago, Briere was a forest consisting mainly of oaks. As a result of landslides, the forest was gradually buried by the Atlantic Ocean. These transgressions and regressions of the ocean has gradually shaped the marsh. Lying in the mud deposited by the ocean, the trees are slowly fossilized.
They are now found buried in peat. Black and spongy at the time of extraction, the dead must dry for several months in the ground before being worked. He has a strong tendency to split as it dries. That is why the morta must be protected from the sun, heat and rain. On one track from the marsh, only 10% will be used. This makes its rarity.
Difficult to exploit, for always buried in peat. It is therefore necessary to remove it, wait for the dry season to reach it.

The Paperstone

The Paperstone is the only solid surface made entirely of recycled paper with FSC standards.
This product is environmentally friendly, food, water resistant.



Acrylics (only standard range)

Acrylic handles

Other handles materials (standard range only)

(Standard range only)

  Stamina Rouge
  Stamina vert
aStamina natural
(Standard range only)
  aStamina red
(Standard range only)
  aStamina green
(Standard range only)

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