Folding knives: what steel , what engravings to choose ?


Engraving customizing


Diamond-made blade engraving:

On each of our Laguiole knives, we propose to engrave your name and/or firstname on the blade. We use a pantograph with a diamond. It is the same technique as jewellers'.
Diamond engraving is permanent (avoid all abrasive when cleaning your knife, it will scratch the blade).
Beware: Initials are engraved in capital letters

Laguiole knife spring engraving:

In the Prestige range, you can have your initials or you name or surname hand-chiselled on the spring. this work is done before quenching and before any fitting. The delivery time is longer.
Beware: this option is possible only for the Prestige range folding knives with massive spring and bee and all the Collection range knives.

Needle engraving (Scrimshaw) on the handle– see the Collection range.

Firm logos engraving on the blades – please contact us.

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