"Fake" or"Real" ...: The disposable Laguiole knives have arrived!

    "Laguiole", a name, an origin, a tradition left unprotected.
  The model of the Laguiole knife as well as its name are a wonderfull heritage from our ancestors. Unfortunately, the latter forgot to patent the name in legal time limit.
After 20 years existence, any produce comes into the public domain. The legal time limit is over. This produce is left unprotected. As a consequence anyone can brand anything as Laguiole.
The Laguiole knives cannot be protected by a label of origin such as the ‘Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée’ (a government certification) because it only takes into account food products.
    A multitude of counterfeits.
  Nowadays we experience a flooding of the market by a multitude of down-market products which are stamped Laguiole, have the bee and are sold as more authentic than others. In all those VERY DOWN-MARKET products, none is made in Laguiole.

Some are made in Pakistan or China. They are sold:
  • by works councils
  • by tobacco shops,
  • by stallholders at the markets or in trade fairs ...
Others, made in Thiers and in China by machines, are sold about 15 euros for a 6 knives box:
  • in some shops in Laguiole village,
  • in supermarkets,
  • or given with foie gras, mineral water, subscriptions, or in petrol stations...

Stop dreaming !
Those are strange presents

    Ask for guarantee, look for a manufacturer.
  Consumers do not be fooled by produces which only have the name Laguiole. In order to know what you buy, look for a manufacturer (we only are a few ones), visit a workshop and then only buy your knife.

Below, an example of the Guarantee Card provided by La Coutellerie de Laguiole Honoré Durand:

Guarantee Card

In any case, your genuine Laguiole knife has to be sold with an Guarantee Card mentioning:
-the name
-the address
-the MANUFACTURER's phone number

For you consumers, this is the only way to recognize the quality of the produce you purchase. Whenever we do quality products, we sign it with the name, address and phone number. If not, any devices are used to cheat the consumer. Ask for TRACEABILITY !

It is only by ensuring continuity in the manufacturing quality of our knives and by respecting men's work and handcraft skills that we will succeed in pulling the cutlery art upwards   
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