Slip joint or flick-knife.

  The laguiole knife has a slip joint. Thus it does not have a ring allowing the blade to remain opened, contrary to the Opinel knife which is a flick-knife. Concerning the Laguiole knives, the spring constantly lies on the spine of the blade. When the knife is open, the spring head (part where the bee is) stops in the notch of the spine. The slip joint closes merely by putting pressure on the spine of the blade (one says, the knife is 'broken'). A slip joint has no blade lock. That is why a Laguiole knife is not considered by law as a knife (which use is restricted).

what is a stainless steel blade ?

  Stainless steel is a invention by an English man: Mister Brearley. This type of steel was put launched in 1913-14 but in France it was popularized in cutlery in the 30s ( 18/10 steel: 18 % chromium and 10 % nickel).
The process consists in adding 12 to 13 % chromium in steel to confer its stability.
The laguiole stainless steel blade does not oxidize, it remains shiny. on the other hand, it has to be grinded more often. Nonotheless, the lattest stainless steel can have very interesting cutting results. (Sandvik Swedish stainless steel: reference number 12C27)


  The general term Damascus indicates the steel quality.
This name comes from the first Crusaders who, around 1000, discovered an exceptional steel which was used by the Sarrazins to make arms. Several steels are soldered and the bars are folded several times (like puff pastry in cookery.)
Our bladesmith forges Damascus steel so that our cutlers make Damascus steel blades, bolsters, cokscrew, handles,... In Laguiole, he is the only blacksmith to master this ancestral technique.

Blade stop


Can we click the blade shut without damaging its cutting edge ?

The Laguiole knife has got a slip-joint (it means the blade is half-blocked.) When you fold the blade, on its course the string works to lead and maintain the blade into the handle. In former days in farms, the grandad used to click the blade to mean the meal was over.
Nowadays modern cutlery allows to have one's knife clicking without spoiling its sharp edge. On some of our models of knives of the Prestige range or Collection range the springs have got a blade stop. The blade bottom shuts on a stop under the bee (it acts like a brake.) the cutting edge is entirely protected!
For the 3 pieces knife (with the blade, the corkscrew and the punch), the blade must always be accompanied.

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