Coutellerie de Laguiole Honoré durand

La Coutellerie de Laguiole workshopOur traditional handcrafting workshop of Laguiole welcomes you.

Certainly one of the best hand manufacturer of Laguiole knives

"In our workshops, the craftsman makes the knife from A to Z entirely by hand. On the contrary, mass production supposes the use of robots to pre-form and pre-adjust series of parts as well as the recourse to unskilled workers who are submitted to high output rhythms".

La Coutellerie de Laguiole' welcomes you on its location and opens its doors wide for your visit.
The Coutellerie de Laguiole is the only traditional workmanship enterprise in France which produces up-market products without the help of subcontractors.
The Durand Company, it is a family passion, the passion for the Laguiole knife.
 -  Damascus steel forging,
 -  burin engraving,
 -  handles sculpting,
 -  Bees forged in the block as in the old days, ...
Thanks to its rewarded experience, our workshops offer a range of classical models respectful of the history, the legends and the traditions of the Aubrac region.
Contrary to what one can figure out, even in Laguiole, the manufacturers are rare.

Chistophe & Honoré DURAND, cutlery's manager


Video presentation of the company and Laguiole knife manufacturing


Reportage on french television, on the Laguiole knife
in the cutlery Laguiole Honoré Durand

Introducing the forge of Damascus (film by Jean-Paul Girbal)


Directly from the workshops: beautiful Laguiole knives made in the traditional manner in Laguiole village

1- The traditional Laguiole folding knives The traditional Laguiole folding knives

2- The special and exclusive Laguiole knives
(see the horse-rider's Laguiole knife below)
horse-rider's Laguiole knife

3- Canteen of cutlery
Canteen of cutlery

4- Made-to-measure knives
(collection range, below a scrimshaw knife with a Damascus blade)
a scrimshaw knife with a Damascus blade

Corporate identity card, a few figures


LA COUTELLERIE DE LAGUIOLE - one family, two companies:


~            LA COUTELLERIE DE LAGUIOLE CHRISTOPHE DURAND, a company dedicated to operating the online sales site to promoting on the Internet the products manufactured by LA COUTELLERIE DE LAGUIOLE HONORE DURAND


~            LA COUTELLERIE DE LAGUIOLE HONORE DURAND, craft cutlery manufacturer of Laguiole knives located at Laguiole.


Operation of the Internet site:                                       Cutlery sales:

La Coutellerie de Laguiole Christophe Durand       La Coutellerie de Laguiole Honoré Durand

SAS                                                                                     SARL
Head office:                                                                    Head office:                                                  
ZA la Poujade – Route d'Aubrac                                    Shopping centre         
12210 Laguiole – France                                               Works and main shop:                     

Tel.:                                                       ZA la Poujade - Route d'Aubrac

E-mail:                                              12210 Laguiole - France

Siret: 791 856 818 00012                                             Tel.:

                                                                                      Siret: 387 876 998 00015


La Coutellerie de Laguiole Honoré Durand - in figures:

Some thirty employees, including especially:

Fifteen Cutlers Blacksmiths


A benchmark for corporate visits in Aveyron and Midi-Pyrénées:

- free visits all year round:

            . our main visit: tour of the Cutlers workshop

            . our technical visit: tour of our modern Forge: manufacture of blades, springs, etc.

            . our trip back in time: the Museum with the Damascus steel Blacksmith

- which appeal to some 160,000 visitors, including nearly four hundred groups.


Our family company has been rewarded with many prizes and distinctions.

We guarantee our knives against all manufacturing vices under normal use.


A guarantee of quality and origin

All our knives have a full, unlimited time warranty under normal use.


Major signatures affixed to our blades guarantee you authentic craft manufacture that is deeply rooted in tradition.


“Best Worker in France” for Cutlery 2007 and 2011

Since this last 22th of october 2007, our cutler Jean-michel CAYRON has the title of “Best Worker in France” for Cutlery

During the XXIIIrd "Best craftsman of France" contest
Jean-Michel Cayron was
Awarded the price in the cutlery section, hunting-knives sub-section.

Press review about this price, click here >

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