• Chris MILLS

    United Kingdom

    Dear Christophe,
    My knife was delivered today.
    Can I just say how very pleased I am with my knife. It has exceeded all my expectations!
    The quality and workmanship is superb!
    Please pass on my appreciation to your craftsman and feel free to publish my comments.
    Many thanks again for the speed of delivery and you customer service,
    Best regards

  • Timm Frenzel


    Dear Virginie Xavier,
    your package has arrived safe and sound this morning, and I am very pleased with all 3 items! They are beautifully made and very well finished. Merci beaucoup.
    Thank you very much and kind regards

  • Timm Frenzel

    United Kingdom

    Dear M. Durand,
    the wine opener arrived today, safe and sound, and I am extremely pleased with it. It is a present for my nephew Mario Dreier in Germany, who recently achieved his professional qualification as a restaurant manager. He will visit me on July 1, and it wil be my pleasure to give him this wine opener as a reward.
    Many kind greetings, and once more: Merci beaucoup!

  • Franz-Josef and Ingrid Hartmann


    Dear Mr. Durand,
    thank you very much for sending the information just in time.
    Best wishes for you and your team.
    Kind regards

  • Paul Fennenwald


    Received the knife today.
    Thank you.

  • Andrei Nechipurenko


    Dear Christophe
    I got everything, there were small problems with fedex, but everything turned out well. Your products are gorgeous !!! Many thanks!!!
    Andrei Nechipurenko from Russia

  • Peter Fletcher


    Hi Christophe
    Many thanks again for your quick response with the replacement spring for my kit.
    I have finally taken a picture of the completed knife which is attached.
    It gave me real pleasure to make the knife.
    Once again many thanks
    Peter Fletcher

  • Kurt Anderson


    Hi Christophe,
    I picked up my knife today at the Fedex office. It's the most beautiful knife I've ever held in my hand. My expectations are sometimes unrealistic, but this knife is far beyond my expectations. If possible, please let the builder know how much I appreciate his or her work. This will be an heirloom in years to come!
    Thank you so much.
    Kurt A.

  • Mr De Meyer


    Dear Mr Durand,
    I received the package.
    Thank you very much.
    I'm very happy with the result.
    It's a very nice feeling to eat with these cutlery.
    Vriendelijke groeten,

  • Mr Lars Neptun


    Dear Mr Durand,
    I got the Laguiole and I have to say, it is a real, real MASTERPIECE!
    thank you very much, bye LARS

  • Mr Tomasz Niewiadomski


    Good day,
    Dear Mr Durand,
    This is to confirm that my order has been delivered already.
    The knife is beatiful and I am happy with it.
    Thank you very much for a quick production / assembling
    - really nice piece of knife making craft.
    My best regards,

  • Mr Gennady Fiksman


    Dear Christophe,
    The knife was received this morning. Looks perfect ans sharp!
    Thanks for your attention and good customer care.
    best regards,

  • Mr Tony Rossi


    Dear Mr Durand,
    Knife received with thanks. It is excellent. Thank you also once again for you prompt and kind service.
    Happy New Year

  • Kevin B.


    excellent product
    Craftsmanship is excellent. A very beautiful knife. Ordering was easy and delivery quite fast. Many thanks.

  • Tibor


    I received the knife today. It is truly beautiful. Thank you so much for this amazing piece of art. I will treasure it for a very long time. It is superb.
    Thank you very much.
    I am a very big fan of your company. The best customer service I have received from a company.
    Thanks you again! Merci!

  • Scott Alan Smtih


    Outstanding quality and service! A work of art!
    This is a truly remarkable experience. I ordered my 12cm prestige range blade and corkscrew in briar burl on a Friday. It arrived to my house in Los Angeles on the following Tuesday! The knife itself is a work of art. I love it and use it everyday it is such a joy to hold and the blade is really a tiny sword it is so sharp. Once must take care when closing this blade as it is so sharp. Thank you for making such a wonderful knife. I will be purchasing another one soon.

  • James Abel


    Hello thank you i have received my package and there has been no damage to the packaging i must say I'm impressed int the quality of the packaging in deed. Thank you the knife is brilliant. Thank you,

  • Bill Laidlaw


    Dear Honore,
    I just returned from a two-week business trip to Asia, and when I returned, my knife had been delivered. It is absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much. I think that you and your workers are true craftsmen.

  • Thomas B. Ibsen


    I have received the eight knives as expected and in good order.
    Best regards.

  • Mr Malcolm Tonkiss


    Dear Christophe,
    Today I received the sheath which completes my order.
    Thank you for all you help, it is a pleasure to do business with you and to receive such a beautiful product.
    Kindest regards,

  • Mr Jacques Esteffe


    bien reçu le couteau il est super merci encore cordialement

  • Ryan Greenblatt


    I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent work you did. My knife came back to me fixed and in perfect condition.
    I was nervous sending it away without ever seeing you or your shop - but you did a great job and I sincerely appreciate it.
    It's nice to find an honest craftsman doing high quality work at a fair price.
    Thank you so much,

  • Adam


    Dear Sirs,
    Just to let you know that the knife arrived safely today, and that I'm delighted with it! Couldn't be happier in fact. It is the perfect smaller companion to my other knife from you, and I shall enjoy using it.
    Many thanks again for all your help, and for doing such a nice job.

  • Julien Atkinson


    Thankyou. knife arrived in new Zealand in good condition packaged incredibly safely. I love it.
    I did remove the name etching though You should consider a more flattering font as that one has no style at all, a script font would look much better.
    Thank you again I will tresure it for a long time.
    Julien Atkinson.

  • Mr Scott Alan Smith


    It is amazing that a knife ordered from So far away reached my house in Los Angeles today. The knife is extraordinary! It is so beautiful that I simply cannot believe it. Thank you so much.
    I love it

  • Mme Laurence Ferran


    bonjour Monsieur DURAND
    il a beaucoup plu
    merci encore et pièce donnée
    bonne fin d,année

  • Mr Serge Formentin


    Je voulais vous remercier pour votre savoir faire concernant le remplacement du ressort cassé sur mon Laguiole.
    Rapidité, efficacité et savoir faire. Du bel ouvrage.

  • Mr Claude Bonnenberger


    Superbe travail ! Ce n’est pas un couteau, c’est une pièce d’orfèvrerie.
    Je ne suis pas un maniaque du couteau en général, mais dans ce cas je vais commander son écrin en cuir.
    Bravo !

  • Mme Isabelle Tissinier


    Mon cadeau est arrivé dès mercredi et le couteau est parfait.
    Merci et bravo pour votre réactivité!

  • Mr & Mme Gross


    Le facteur vient de passer et nous a ramené notre colis !
    Nous étions déjà conquis par la qualité de vos produits, puisque c'est le troisième couteau que nous vous achetons... maintenant nous sommes également conquis par votre "service après vente" : compréhensif (pour ceux qui ne maîtrisent pas toujours les rouages des services Internet ...), efficace et rapide !
    Nous vous adressons nos plus sincères remerciements, et vous souhaitons à vous ainsi qu'à vos collaborateurs de très bonnes fêtes ainsi qu'une année 2015 remplie de réussite.
    Nous ne manquerons pas, si nous en avons l'occasion de recommander votre coutellerie.
    Merci encore !

  • Mr Claude Schuhl


    Bien reçu ma commande ce jour vers 14heures.
    Merci pour la rapidité avec laquelle vous avez honoré ma demande.
    Je souhaite une bonne fin d’année à tout le personnel de votre entreprise,
    Et une meilleure année possible pour 2015 qui approche à grande vitesse.

  • Mme Charlène Ubiergo


    J'ai bien reçu le colis, le couteau est super !
    Il respecte parfaitement le devis établit. Je vous remercie pour la rapidité et la qualité de vos services.

  • Mr Arnaud MOCOCHAIN


    Bonjour Monsieur Durand,
    J'accuse une bonne réception de mon couteau et vous en remercie.
    Il correspond en tous points à ce que j'espérais et félicite toute votre équipe de Coutelier et personnel pour cet excellent travail qui est un vrai bijou.
    A bientôt de vous rencontrer à Laguiole
    Recevez toutes mes salutations distinguées

  • Mme Nathalie Aughuet


    Bonjour Monsieur Durand,
    Nous avons bien reçu les fourchettes, elles sont très belles et nous les avons déjà inaugurées.
    Elles sont tout à fait coordonnées avec les couteaux que nous avions déjà, nous sommes vraiment contents.
    Un grand merci pour ce magnifique travail.

  • Mr Géraud Chalvignac


    Colis reçu ce jour, un très bel objet, la lame est magnifique
    Merci et félicitations pour la qualité de votre travail

  • Mr Jacques Monteillet


    je vous informe que j'ai bien reçu ma commande le 05/12/2014
    le colis est arrivé intact en parfait état
    je vous félicite pour votre sérieux et la qualité de vos produits
    bien cordialement

  • Mr Pascal Fredon


    Bonsoir Virginie,
    J'ai bien reçu mon Layole aujourd'hui.il est vraiment magnifique,mieux que sur les photos,le motif du guillochage et vraiment superbe,l'ébène est de toute beauté et le rendu avec l'inox mat est top.mais il y a quand même un gros problème,un très gros problème,c'est que nous sommes le 29 novembre et que ma petite femme me l'a confisqué en prétextant que c'est mon cadeau de noël,donc je l'ai eu dans mes mains,je l'ai admiré et maintenant je ne peux qu'en rêver et attendre le 25 décembre (peut-être le 24 dans la soirée) pour me l'approprier.ça va être long.plus sérieusement,ce second achat me ravi,je suis vraiment satisfait et je recommande votre entreprise autour de moi car vous le méritez.remerciez tous les employés de la coutellerie pour moi et continuez tous à fabriquer de si beaux couteaux.Virginie je vous souhaite un bon dimanche ainsi que de très bonnes fêtes de fin d'année.un client heureux (qui le sera encore plus le 25).

  • Mr Claude Leroi


    Colis reçu ce matin en parfait état
    Produit conforme à mes attentes
    En vous remerciant,

  • Mr Franck Chombart


    Juste pour vous informer la bonne réception de mon couteau et je voulais vous féliciter pour la qualité de votre travail qui est irréprochable.

  • Mme Martine Falce


    Par le présent courriel, je vous adresse tous mes remerciements et vous assure de mon entière satisfaction pour la commande numéro 202299 que j'ai passée sur votre site internet le 3 novembre 2014 en chrono post et que j'ai bien reçue dans les temps (il s'agissait d'un cadeau d'anniversaire que j'avais tardé à commander).
    Je vous remercie donc pour votre excellent service à tous les niveaux, à savoir : vos conseils, le couteau lui même (une pièce magnifique), la gravure très belle sur la lame du couteau, la petite carte accompagnant le colis, l'emballage cadeau... Etc
    Je vous prie d'agréer, Monsieur, mes meilleures salutations.

  • Allan Henderson


    My Prestige Laguiole arrived today in the UK only 4 working days after ordering it which is excellent service!

    The knife is stunningly beautiful with its Juniper handle, forged bee and the engraved name on the blade (at no extra cost) is a really nice touch..

    All in all, I am absolutely delighted with my purchase.

  • Mme Mr MASSE


    Le colis est bien arrivé à la date prévue, je vous remercie pour votre diligence et la qualité de vos services.
    Bonne continuation pour votre équipe.

  • Françoise Blin


    Bien reçu le couteau ce matin il est ... parfait !
    Bonne journée,

  • Mme Seikat


    Bonsoir Monsieur Durand,
    Nous avons reçu un couteau qui sent le sol du forêt, si légère - en se blottant dans la main, tout beau...
    bref: un couteau qui rend Julius heureux.
    Surtout, on ne trouvera pas un seul couteau dans le monde qui coupe une baguette ainsi aigu!
    Nous vous remercions beaucoup.
    Jules et Carole*
    *(elle est un peu envieuse maintenant,...)

  • Mr Léger José


    Bonjour Christophe,
    Bien reçu mon couteau, retrait poste ce jour...
    Je souhaitais effectivement depuis longtemps un couteau qui me plaise sous tous ses aspects et la proposition de le constituer a été une très bonne opportunité pour moi. Merci de votre patience et disponibilité pour les choix et renseignements de cette constitution. Je suis déjà passé chez vous à Laguiole sans pouvoir me décider sur un modèle car je ne pouvais me permettre d'hésiter vu pour moi le coût engendré. Voilà donc chose faite et je crois mon investissement heureux pour de nombreuses raisons...
    Réception et contrôle fait, ce fut une surprise supérieure à toute attente, absolument magnifique ! Rien à voir avec mes anciens couteaux (de pâle réplique ou de concurrence bien "légère", désolé de le dire.) Quel travail de qualité ! Inutile de me répandre en multiples compliments, je crois que vous comprendrez le bonheur de posséder à présent et enfin un excellent et "vrai" couteau digne de ce nom, simple confirmation de votre grand savoir faire; je me dois de le reconnaître et d'en faire part à chaque occasion... Merci beaucoup, vraiment merci !
    Mais je tiens à ce qui vous puissiez transmettre en particulier tous mes remerciements et toutes mes félicitations à la personne qui a soigné cette finition ainsi qu'à ceux de l'équipe qui depuis le début de la fabrication ont contribué à cette superbe réalisation...
    ... Qu'il est difficile de l’étrenner et de le mettre dans la poche pour lui conférer d'un coup comme prévu sa fonction première de couteau de "tous les jours"... mais je pense y parvenir avec un peu d'entraînement, navré de vous dire qu'il est trop beau...
    Merci encore à vous et à une éventuelle rencontre je l'espère...

  • Mr Lemoigne


    J'ai bien reçu mon couteau,
    Il est de belle facture.
    Je suis pleinement satisfait.
    Il devrait me suivre , dans ma poche, quelques années.

  • J.P. Olry


    bien reçu mon très beau couteau.,
    très belle mécanique,
    ajustages parfaits,
    excellente finition.
    toutes mes félicitations...!

  • Alain Roques


    J'ai bien reçu le laguiole en retour de réparation de chez vous, ce qui dénote de votre part d'un grand professionnalisme et je le fais savoir. Merci pour votre réactivité qui traduit le sérieux de la maison.

  • Gérard Carmarans


    Bonjour.Bien reçu ce matin le couteau,très bien emballer,bel ouvrage,tranchant et finition impeccable.Quand je pense que l'enseigne la redoute sont couteau Laguiole 7.09 et et frais de port presque aussi cher que sont couteau une honte.Comme c'est dommage qu'à cette époque la marque n'est pas été déposer il n'y aurait pas tant d'ennuis.Amicalement à toute votre équipe.

  • Mr Nicolas Ganshof


    Bonjour Monsieur Durand,
    J’ai reçu les 8x couteaux.
    Ils sont magnifiques. Je suis content de mon achat.

  • Mr Sans


    Bonjour Mr Durand,
    Je vous confirme la bonne réception du colis il y a deux jours maintenant, et tenez à vous remerciez pour la qualité des pièces livrées.
    L’ensemble couteaux, fourchettes et cuillères est très harmonieux et a toujours autant de succès auprès de nos convives.
    Encore merci à toutes les personnes qui ont contribuées à un si beau résultat.
    Nous continuerons à vous faire confiance pour compléter notre parure.
    Bien cordialement

  • Norm Ellison


    Merci'. Always a pleasure , arrived in time. You are efficient in business as well as being fine artists. best regards,

  • Mr Violard Christian


    Je viens de recevoir mon couteau qui était parti chez vous pour un remplacement de lame,je voulais juste vous remerciez du travail bien fait ,encore merci.

  • Mr Bernard Galliou


    Je vous remercie pour la rapidité de votre réponse et je vous félicite pour vos couteaux, finition parfaite, ils sont vraiment beaux à regarder et aussi bien sur pour s'en servir. Depuis cet été, lors de la visite de vos ateliers à Laguiole, j'en avais acheté 4 dont 2 à monter sois même et j'en porte toujours un à la ceinture et je suis très fier de le montrer. J'en offre à mes parents pour leur anniversaires. Pour moi c'est comme offrir des bijoux.

    Vous souhaitant bonne continuation.
    Et vive le vrai et beau couteau de Laguiole.

  • Allison Norman


    Merci', very nice workmanship on last order, I look forward to my purchase arriving. N.E.

  • Mr Destombes


    Bonjour Mr Durand,
    Je vous informe que j'ai bien reçu votre chef d'oeuvre, j'ai déballé votre emballage comme un gamin à Noël et je suis rester bouche bée en ouvrant le coffret en bois tellement je fus agréablement surpris de votre réalisation je tiens donc à vous féliciter ainsi que votre équipe pour le sérieux de votre travail, pour la fabrication de cet objet d'art que je vous ai commander. Malgré les difficultés rencontrées à sa réalisation, vous avez fait face à mes demandes et surtout, vous avez su me donner de votre temps pour que mon projet aboutisse. Votre sérieux et votre diligence à l'égard de vos clients est bien à l'image de votre réputation.J'ai maintenant un LAYOLE ou plutot un superbe LAYOLE, Mr Durand, je vous remercie encore pour votre travail, vous et l'équipe qui vous entoure, félicitations au maitre Coutelier pour son travail, bien cordialement !



    Bonsoir. J'ai réceptionné ce jour votre envoi des 2 couteaux.Ceux-ci sont plus "neufs que neufs". Parfait tranchant, travail soigné et rapide. Vous portez haut les couleurs du "Made in France" et de l'artisanat . Bravo i pour vos prestations d'une rare qualité. Cordialement.

  • Mr Laasch


    Dear Msr. Durand,
    The corkscrew is absolutely beautiful.
    Many thanks - I will be back for another one soon.
    Best wishes

  • Michel CULIE


    merci tout d'abord pour ce petit mot, d'où l’intérêt que vous portez à vos clients. Je lui ai offert hier, un peu en avance sur son anniversaire et je peux vous dire sincèrement qu'il a apprécié la qualité et le soins apporté aux finitions, belle réalisation et ponçage parfait, rien à dire. Le prochain, je vais enfin penser à moi, je commence à définir mes choix. Merci encore et bonne réception, cordialement,

  • Mr Ruet


    Bonjour Monsieur Durand,
    Je viens tout juste de recevoir le couteau, c'est parfait à tout point de vue !
    Emballage et protection du produit excellent, quant au couteau, exactement ce que j’espérais et souhaitais.
    Je ne manquerais pas si je passe un jour dans votre très belle région, de venir visiter votre entreprise et vous dire bonjour.
    A bientôt et bonne fin d'hiver (en Alsace c'est déjà le printemps)
    Merci à vous

  • Mr Colin


    Bonjour ,
    J'ai bien reçu mon couteau , je vous remercie pour ce beau travail ! Bravo !
    Félicitations pour votre sérieux , je n'hésiterai pas a vous recommander .

  • Thierry Lemarchand


    Le couteau est arrivé ce jour et je tiens à vous exprimer ma satisfaction pour le travail accomplis sur ce magnifique couteau Laguiole.
    Merci de bien vouloir remercier vos artisans de ma part.
    Je vois que l’Artisanat Français existe encore et j’espère qu’il perdurera longtemps.
    Veuillez recevoir mes meilleurs sentiments.
    Bien cordialement
    Thierry Lemarchand

  • Jonathan


    The knife arrived today, it is beautiful. Thank you for the custom handle, it makes this knife unique in this size. Many thanks again.

  • Jonathan


    My knife has arrived - c'est magnifique! Merci beaucoup, it will not be my last from your forge.

  • Ariejan


    Dear Christophe Durand,
    I have received the parcel with the knives in good order, thank you for the service.
    Kind Regards,

  • Birgit Müller


    Today i got my knife and i want to say thankyou. It is realy beautifull and i think, my husband will love it!
    Thankfull greatings from Stuttgart, Germany

  • Bob Biggs


    Dear Mme Durand,
    I did not know that Concord was still flying,such was the speed of delivery. My new 11cm Laguiole is just about perfect for me, the Olive wood scales are beautiful and the overall fit and finish is superb.
    Many thanks, to all your brilliant artisans. Regards ...

  • Bob Biggs


    This morning i recieved my L12M belt sheath,very impressed both with the product, superb and the service, excellent.
    Many tnanks to all involved,regards .

  • Jordan, from Texas


    I could not be more pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of my 12cm knife. It is the epitome of gentility! I've only had it a week but have received numerous compliments already. The speed at which the Coutellerie finished and mailed the knife was remarkable. Their customer service is superb!

  • Raimundo Montt / Chile


    Dear Monsieur Durand, this is just to confirm the pipe knife arrived today in perfect conditions.
    Thank you very much
    Brgds and enjoy your weekend

  • Lindy Magoffin


    Dear M Durand,
    The knives arrived last Friday. I just wanted to thank you very much for sending them at such short notice and to let you know that I appreciated very much your assistance with my order. AND the knives are beautiful. My husband likes them very much.
    Kind regards,

  • Marvin Risco


    Dear Christophe,
    Thank you very much for your reply since I ordered the knife and asked my question I realized the point you are making below about the competition. I wanted to let you know that I have a knife from your competition and from you and have just ordered another knife from your company for my wife as a gift. After comparing both knives I was much happier with your companies workmanship and feel, I am looking forward to using these knives for many years to come. Congratulations on a fantastic product made by true craftsmen.
    Best regards,

  • Adam Willis


    Hi Christophe,
    Have taken delivery of my new laguiole knife, which arrived safe and sound. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it. Beautiful, and very sharp - it will be a joy to use.
    Thank you again for your help with the order.
    Kind reagards,

  • Matt


    Evening mate,
    Just letting you know that the knife arrived today. Sure is a beauty! Better than I could of hoped! Thanks so much.
    Thanks again

  • John m


    Thank you. I received the package today and it is lovely.
    Kind regards

  • Alex Slipko


    Dear Sir,
    I want to thank you for the excellent service in repairing my knife handle and especially appreciate the added service of returning it in such a timely fashion. It looks great.
    Thank You,

  • Jacek Czaja POLAND


    Thank you for fixing the knife , it is beautiful
    and I love it :):)
    Good day

  • Robert


    Dear Christophe,
    I have just retrieved my parcel from the post office. The fault/delay was with Canada Post, and not with Colissimo; the latter has given excellent service each time I have used it. And my lack of French did not help!
    The knife: The knife is everything I wished for--each part of it is beautifully made, and, as a whole, it is a lovely creation. I thank you and, of course, Jerome. Please tell him how very happy I am with his superb craftsmanship. I should like to meet both of you in person.
    While I will not bother you again for awhile, there remains the possibility of a 12cm damascus some day; at present, however, I cannot risk spending a long winter in a tent.
    Please take care, Christophe, and please call me Robert when we next chat--by phone or e-mail.
    Very best wishes

  • Paul


    Good Afternoon,
    Just a quick thank you for the very speedy delivery of the two knifes I ordered. They arrived within a week and were extremely well packed. I'm looking forward to finishing them and presenting them to my sons.
    Once again thank you for your excellent service.

  • Florian Solleder


    Dear Monsieur Durand,
    today i received my two knifes. The old one, which now looks like new and has absolutely no sideward play anymore.
    And the new one... which is just marvelous, absolutely georgeous and breathtaking beautyful.
    Thank you so much! You just made my day! Iam happy like a child.
    Absolutely outstanding service, i must say.
    With the best regards,

  • Joe Micek


    Dear Cristophe,
    The knife is beautiful. It is just the way I wanted it. The handle is also just right. Thank you for the little extra effort.

  • m.embacher


    dear mr. durand,
    i received the knive and i am very happy with it!
    thank you a lot !
    all the best from vienna

  • Nicolas Beck


    Dear Mr. Durand,
    the Knife arrived two Days ago.
    I am very pleased with the results, especially the juniper wood is absolutely marvelous, with a very intensive odour.
    Thank you very much for this great piece of craftsmanship and your fast and professionally customer service.
    Best regards,

  • David


    Terrific thanks and all the very best for 2012.
    Again, I love your products and admire the quality and craftsmanship

  • Danielle Ker


    Dear Mr. Durand,
    I just wanted to let you know that I received the package today and I'm so happy with the product! It's absolutely beautiful and I know my brother-in-law will love it. It's a gift for his 30th birthday.
    Thank you very much!

  • Aileen / Ireland


    Thank-you so much for my order which has arrived safely! :)
    kind regards,

  • Hans R. Schneider


    Dear Sir / Madam,
    the knife I ordered from you (12 cm, Prestige, 2-piece, blade and punch, horn-tip handle) arrived last week on Thursday, shortly after Hurricane Irene.
    I am very pleased with the knife. It is a beautiful piece, fit and finish are excellent and show a level of skilled craftsmanship that has become very rare in these days.
    Besides that, the knife is also functional. The slender handle combined with the balance of the knife allows good control of the blade at any angle. I was pleased to find that you still grind the blades for the purpose of cutting. In recent years, more and more manufacturers have been selling knives with cutting edges that resemble those of a masonary chisel.
    The punch is also very useful, even though I am not a shepard or cattle herder. With a little care, it doubles as Marlin spike for loosening knots. It is also usefull for guiding a cleaning patch into the edges and recesses of a shotgun action, and may come in handy for bird hunting.
    Although the knife is almost to pretty to be used, I will use it. I has been in my pocket since it arrived here, and it will stay there and be used every day. I am confident that it will outlive me (I am not that young any more.) If not, I will let you know.
    Thanking you, and hoping that you keep up the good work,

  • Sandy Gonnerman


    Thank you so very much. I received my bread knife and am thrilled. It is a work of art and will be a prized possession of mine forever and will be passed down to my daughter later on. I am thrilled and will visit your establishment on my annual trip to France next summer. Looking forward to thanking you in person. You packed it so beautifully. Thank you again!
    With great appreciation,

  • Richard Bishop from U.S.A


    Dear Christophe, I just wanted to tell you how much I love my new Knife! I am very proud of It & I will order a second one soon. I think I will try the Snakewood handle with the new improved blade. Please let the craftsman who made my knife how much I appreciate his beautiful work & I consider it a beautiful work of art!
    The engraving is very nice. Thanks again for your good service. Best Regards,

  • Po-Wen from TAIWAN


    The shipment had just arrived, and I love the corkscrews very much. Thanks for the excellent services! I will sure come back and shop again!

  • Milton Root


    Dear Christophe Durand,
    The knife arrived this morning and it is great!!!!! Tell Jean-Michel he did an excellent job. Tell all who had a part in the making the knife that I really appreciate the great job they did..
    I really appreciate your patience with me during this project. I know only a few businesses
    here in the USA that would work so hard to make sure the customer is completely satisfied with
    the product. You and your staff have given me total satisfaction.
    Again thanks for everything.
    Sincerely Grateful,

  • Borbely Ladislau


    Dear sir,
    i announce you gladly that i received my knife today! Thank you very much,i like it a lot!
    Wish you all the best!

  • John de Vries


    Bonjour monsieur Durand,
    they are beautifull .... thank you.



    Today I have received my knife thank you,I shall treasure it always

  • Michael Lawson


    Dear Mr Durand,
    The corkskrew has arrived today and looks magnificent now that it has been so beautifully repaired. Thank you so much. My son in law will be thrilled to have it back just 2 days after his wedding anniversary.
    Kindest regards and thanks.

  • Joe


    Received today excellent goods and excellent service many thanks,

  • Ken


    Hi Christophe.
    The knives have arrived and been used a few times and they are absolutely wonderful!
    I will over time order more of the same. Will my order be saved in your system so there is no confusion in the future or is it easier to send through the last order and ask for the same..
    Thanks for such a quality and enjoyable product.

  • Mike Jerbic


    M. Durand,
    I received the knife yesterday, and I thank you for your care in replying to me. I like your company very much, and I will do business again with you when I have an opportunity.
    Best regards to you,

  • Phill Kettle


    Dear sirs/ madames,
    Thank you so much for the excelllent Laguiole hunting knife I have received. It is truly a special knife.
    I am so pleased with it. It is truly superb.
    Many thanks .
    Yours sincerely,

  • Phill Kettle


    Dear sirs/ madames,
    Thank you so much for the excelllent Lagouile hunting knife I have received. It is truly a special knife.
    I am so pleased with it. It is truly superb.
    Many thanks .
    Yours sincerely,

  • Steven Chenoweth


    Thank you very much!!! I really appreciate how helpful and polite every one of your company representatives were in assisting me through out my order.
    I only wish that every product I purchase had such a wonderful staff to back their product. Once again thank you very much and I look forward to doing business with your company in the future.
    Thank you,

  • Ian Fox


    Hi there, I am writing to thank you for your prompt service. The parcel arrived safe and sound. The things that you make are beautiful and a pleasure to own. Thanks again, regards .

  • Tom Bender


    Hi I recently oredered a blade with you, I just received it and it is absolutely fantastic, thanks for producing such a high quality product

  • Bob Horner


    We arrived safely back in California yesterday. Several of your knives

  • Dan Siazon (now in Paris on vacation)


    Dear Monsieur Durand-
    This is to confirm receipt of the Laguiole items ordered by me. All items were received in excellent condition. It felt very good to hold the cutlery in my hands!
    Thank you for your excellent customer support & service. I will happily recommend you to my friends.
    Thank you & best regards,

  • Santi Farres Carrera


    Hola, soy un viajero ciclista, y en mi paso per laguiole de mi recorrrido de barcelona-Paris,passe a ver vuestro museo y tienda, me gusto muchissimo, ya que tambien soy forjador y tambien se hacer damasco.... hos queria dar las gracias por vuestro servicio en especial a una chica que hablava espanyol, morena.... que me hizo un cuchillo unico, bonito y con mi nombre gravado en la hoja, dadle mis gracias y agradecimientos...
    Saludos, Santi...

  • Danny R. Brown


    Dear Chritophe,
    Just wanted to thank you and the entire staff involved with the production of the knife made by Jean-Michel Cayron for my very dear friend. He was very impressed with the beauty and quality of the piece. A true piece of art.
    It was a great pleasure to work with you. You were very kind,courteous and professional. I look forward to working together again for a knife for myself.
    In one word `MAGNIFICENT` job.
    Warmest regards from a very happy customer,

  • Elizabeth Davies


    Dear Virginie,
    Roger has e-mailed me to say that he has received the knife and that he is pleased with it.
    I would like to thank you for all your efforts in following up, and solving this problem so diligently. It is a pleasure to have dealt with you, and I would highly recommend your company to all.
    Many thanks again.

  • Janice M. Kilian


    Thank you very much, the knife looks beautiful and I am sure my husband will love it. Very Sincerely,

  • Paul Nelson


    M Durand: The knife has arrived, and it is everything that I have wanted. This is the knife that I first saw when I served with some Legionnaires in Asia. We were all Vietnam veterans, and so we all bonded very well.

  • Dr. F. Rowbotham


    Dear Mr Durand,
    I would like to thank you for the beautiful knife you have made for me.
    It is really a wonderful piece of craftsmanship and it is even nicer than I had expected.
    Everything is as I wanted it to be: the material, the engravings, the weight and the balance of the knife.
    Apart from that it has been very pleasant talking to you.
    Yours sincerely.

  • Jane Neal


    Thank you for the forks, they arrived today, I am sure my son will enjoy them, he tells me the knives are fabulous!!!
    Bon chance and thank you.

  • Andreas Bergmann


    Thank you verry much for the knife, it´s great.
    I´ve got it at Monday
    Best regards

  • Alvin Wilson



    I just wanted to compliment you on the wonderful workmanship!! I am delighted with my new knife.

    In fact, it is my custom to give my younger brothers a quality knife at Christmas - I'm sure they would love the same knife I just received.

    Can you tell me is it possible to get 3 of the same knives as I ordered (below)? Is it possible to 3 initials engraved on the bolster?

    Thank you very much.

  • gr: Peter Wauben


    Dear Mr.Durand I want let you know that the knive I have ordered has arrived.
    There was some delay caused by an mistake of the Dutch Postal service.
    Thanks again for a beautiful knive and the perfect service.

  • Peter Wauben


    Dear Mr.Durand,

    Knife has arrived.

    It's all what I hoped for.

    Thanks for the fine service.


  • M. Mark Jones



    Please excuse my last e-mail. I arrived home this evening to find delivery of my replacement knife. Thank you kindly for this excellent knife and your most kindly communications and service. Please send my regards, best wishes and thanks to M. Durand. Sincerely yours.

  • Per Micheelsen


    Dear Mr. Durand,
    Knife has arrived. It's very nice and I'm very satisfied. It's all what I hoped for.
    A true masterpiece. Thank you very much for fine service.

  • Sylviane Norris / U.S.A


    I have received my recent order from you and I must say that I have been
    very impressed by your easy- to use website ,the prompt response of your
    staff and the fast delivery of the parcel , not forgetting the superb
    quality of the ART of making not ordinary knives Thank you!
    BRAVO! in one word I will use you for future orders and recommend you to my
    Yours sincerely

  • Lisa

    Thank you very much, the knives are beautiful and I will put them under the tree for my husband right away. Hopefully we will be ordering more in the future.

    Bon jour, merci boucoup, Joyeux Noël !

  • John Heintzman


    I just wanted to let you know I received the knives today. Ive only opened one so far and I must say I am very happy with it!!! In fact I took it out to dinner tonight with my wife!!! Thank you very much the quality is outstanding!!!! From just the one I have looked at I can see that you take pride in your work! I will carry this one with great joy!!!! It will become my "everday carry" knife. I am really impressed with it!!!! I will remember you when I speak to my other fellow knife collector and "users". I will no doubt be ordering from you again in the near future. For the first time I have a laguiole I am proud of carrying and showing!!!

    I am quite satisfied with your work! Thanks for a great product!!! A true work of art!!! Please tell Christophe thank you for me, for all his help also!!!

    Best regards,

    God bless!!!

    Sincerely in Christ's love,

  • Oliver Neill

    Dear Mr. Durand,
    I received your wonderful knife last wednesday. Thank you so much for everything. The overall quality is absolutely superb. But it is not only that what makes this knife so special- it is the feeling of it when I hold it in my hand. The curved handle in combination with the polished snakewood makes me feel the energy of this hand crafted knife. This is something extraordenery I didn't expect and you don't meet often in these times.
    Now I have a simple question: what is the meaning of the engraving on the back of the blade (L.G.A) ?
    With my best regards.

  • Baraáth István

    Dear Xavier,

    Just after I had sent an e-mail to you earlier this morning, called me my colleague that my parcel arrived.
    It looks very nice, hopefully my brother will also like it.
    Thank you very much for your quick help.

    Best regards

  • David Leikam

    Thank you very much for this wonderful knife! I use it on a daily basis now cutting apples, cheese and other foods along
    with opening packages, etc. The added length of 13cm was also a good choice with the 3 piece too. I am wearing it on my
    belt as I type this letter.

    Much thanks from an American composer / artist in California. :) Hopefully I will be able to visit soon.


  • M. Claudio Frigolini

    The package was arrived yesterday.
    The knives are wonderful.
    The blade, the horn handle,.... all is perfect!
    Pay to all crafstmen a big compliment.
    Best regards.

  • Betsy-Jane Lawton

    Received, thank you very much.

  • Kurt Walter

    Hallo,meine tollen französischen Künstler!
    Herzlichen Dank!
    Heute erhielt ich das gravierte Messer.
    Es hat alle meine Erwartungen über-
    troffen!Ich besitze schon 5 Laguiols,aber
    das ist das handwerklich beste und schönste
    Messer,das je in Händen hielt!Dies wird"DAS"
    Geschenk für meinen Sohn!
    Ich kann SIE nur empfehlen!
    Viele Grüsse,Ihr

  • Jan

    Hello Christophe,

    I received my knife yesterday, thank you. I am absolutely delighted. The workmanship is superb, a treasure of a lifetime!

    Kind regards

  • Nancy Brown

    Merci beaucoup,

    I look forward to receiving my order. I appreciate your prompt service.

    Yours truly,

  • Herzlichen Dank,Kurt Walter.

    Das Laguiole mit der Gravur S.WALTER war das perfekteste

    Taschenmesser das ich je sah!

  • Gerald Hofmann

    i received my knive today.
    It is a real great and good looking item and made in perfect quality.
    This is my first "laguiole" - but i'm sure not my last.....;-))
    Best regards.

  • Jeremy grest

    Dear Sir,

    This is to confirm that my knife arrived today. Thank you very much
    indeed- I am very pleased with the finish and the quality of the workmanship. I look forward to many years of use from it.

    Please can you convey my appreciation to the artisan who made it, and my best wishes.


  • Amanda


    Thank you for your help in sending the penknife. It arrived safely the following day.

    it was a great success - our son was very happy!


  • Andrew Allison

    Mr. Christophe Durand,

    I received the knife last night, March 8. I was excited to open the package. The knife is handsome. My brother and I spent time at our kitchen table reading about the knife’s history and symbolism. I have already cut myself. It is common for me to cut my fingers. The Laguiole knife has a long handle and blade and is a unique design. I think that I will cut myself more times before I become used to the knife’s shape.

    It is a beautiful knife. Thank you.


  • Grant Waller, England

    I visited the shop in Laguiole and it is fantastic
    A knife enthusiasts dream.
    I bought a 12cm knife with point of horn handle and a damascus blade.Superb.
    on my return home I bought a three blade knife via the web. Again a superb knife and the service is excellent too.

  • Grant

    Dear Honore,
    The knife arrived today.
    Thank you.
    Once again an excellent product.

  • Dave

    Hi, Christophe.

    I received the knife today, and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! It is just what I had hoped it would be: truly a piece of art and the signature piece of my collection. Thank you SO MUCH for making this happen for me, and please thank the talented craftsmen that make up your wonderful company.

    (I still owe you a picture of the knives in the display case, which I will get to you shortly.


  • Gerbert-Jan

    Dear Xavier,

    Thank you very much,

    My compliments of the way you and the companie are responding to this order.

    Kind regards,


    M. Durand -

    I received the Laguiole knife yesterday along with the other items I had ordered on time. I had a chance to use it last night in a restaurant with some friends. It made the dinner taste even better. I'm very pleased with it. Thank you very much and please pass on my thanks to the artist/cutler M. Jean-Michel CAYRON. Thank you again.

    Kind regards,

  • Gerbert-Jan Meijerink

    Dear Honore Durand Fils,

    Saturday I received by post my order,

    I would let you know that everything is fine now.

    Kind regards,

  • Leo Theeuwen.

    Today I recieved a parcel with a beautiful item in it,thank you very much.


  • Uwe Bormuth


    Today arrived my new laguiole. It' s a very fine knive and thank you for the pleasantly correspondence. Bye for now.

    Yours sincerely

  • Malcolm Imrie

    Thanks very much. The knife arrived today by FedEx, and I am very happy with it.
    Best wishes.

  • Karoly Bartha (Hungary)

    Good Morning Mr.Durand!
    I recived the knives yesterday!
    What a wonderfull pieces,what a quality work!
    Please accept my compliment for the great work you and your team have done for me.

    I wish you all to be able will be an ambassador of your country and quality handmanufacturing for a really long time!

    With best regards

  • Joe Micek

    I just got the knife. I am very happy with it. The engraving adds a wonderful touch.
    Thank you for a great knife and the great service.

  • Pipo Droz

    Grüezi mitenand
    I received my Laguiole Pétanqueur yesterday.
    WOW ­ this knife is just beautiful!
    Perfect service - perfect work. Thank you very much!
    Best regards from Zürich

  • Berend Willers

    Hallo Monsieur Durand !

    First of all , it's a great pleasure for me , to say many thanks to you for the fantastic knife ! My English is not very well , and also excuse me , I don't speak Francais . Therefore , I

    write to you in German , perhaps there is anyone to translate it in Francais .

    Nochmals vielen herzlichen Dank für das wundervolle Messer ! Ein absolutes Schmuckstück ! Meine Erwartungen sind bei weitem übertroffen worden .

    Anerkennung und großes Kompliment dem Handwerker für die äußerst präzise und makellose Herstellung des LAGUIOLE - Messers !

    Sie , Monsieur Durand , haben mir eine große Freude damit gemacht . Herzlichen Dank auch für den perfekten SERVICE !!

    Gerne werde ich in der nächsten Zeit ein weiteres Messer in Ihrer Manufaktur bestellen .

    Nochmals vielen vielen Dank , herzliche Grüße nach Laguiole !





  • Peter Schwob

    Dear Mr. Durand
    thank you verry much for the knive.It is wonderfull and I like it.It is so wonderfull that my son Leon want it for himself.So, I gave it to him.I think shortly I have to order a new on for me.Thank you again for all and up to sson.
    Best Regards and have a good time

  • Dick van Puffelen

    Dear mr. Durand,
    We have received the knives this weekend, they are as beautiful as new.
    I thank you for fine service.
    We will be very careful wirth the knives and wash them by hand.
    And, of course, we will surely contact you when we need more material in our kitchen.
    kind regards,

  • Preben Albaek Petersen

    This notice just to let you know that the items in the above order arrived thursday last week in perfect condition.

    Best regards

  • Andreja

    I was in contact with Virginie XAVIER. Thank you very much for the perfect service! I ordered last week the chees knives! And they are just beautiful! I adore them, and I know it will be the perfect present.
    Thank you very much!

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